5 Hikes You Want To Try In And Around Cape Town

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1. Kloof Corner, Table Mountain (Easy)
1. Kloof Corner, Table Mountain (Easy)

This is an easy and quick hike. Only 20 minutes to the top rewards you with stunning views of Lion’s Head and Table Bay, albeit a steep trip. The round-trip measures at 1,8 kilometres and is best completed at sunset. This hike is suitable for both children and novice hikers.

2. Boomslang Cave (Easy)

This route is located in Kalk Bay and offers easy access to a cave for novices of caving. The out-and-back route accumulates to 4 kilometres and takes roughly two hours but allows time for exploring the caves and stops. The cave system runs through the mountains, so bring a flashlight and long trousers if you intend to spend some time there. For those who are claustrophobic, perhaps sit out on the caving – but the hike is still well worth it. And a note of warning: beware of the bats!

3. Jonkershoek Waterfalls Day Hiking Trail (Moderate)

The Jonkershoek Waterfalls Day Hike measures at 9,8 kilometres and takes around 3 hours to complete. The trail offers many picnic spots, watering holes and, of course, incredible views and stunning nature. The area is known for its extremely hot summer days and wet winter days, so be sure to check the weather beforehand and pack appropriately. On the hike, you will encounter two waterfalls – ‘Eerste Waterval’ and ‘Tweede Waterval’ – as well as many natural river pools to take a dip in.

4. Newlands Forest, Newlands (Difficulty depends on route)
4. Newlands Forest, Newlands (Difficulty depends on route)

For those who like a less structured hike, the Newlands Forest is ideal! Wander through the forest, plan out your own trip, or hike up to Saddle Rock – it’s entirely up to you. Be sure to do some research before and take notes of the routes you are taking, as forest hiking can become disorientating. Due to its choose-your-own-adventure feel, the hike can be perfect for everyone, from families with kids, to the experienced hiker.

5. Lion’s Head (Moderate to Challenging)
5. Lion’s Head (Moderate to Challenging)

Hiking Lion’s Head is a popular outing in Cape Town, particularly around sunrise and sunset times. The scenery is incredible, and the hike offers a 360° view of Cape Town once at the top. The Lion’s Head hike offers two trails – the Spiral Trail which is less difficult, and the Chains trail which is more of an adventure hike. The hike overall is steep but short. The walk up can be completed in just over an hour, depending on your speed. There is a quick scramble up the rocks near the end (20 metres), but don’t let that deter you! This one is a must to experience Cape Town in an alternative way.


We hope you take advantage of Gardens Centre’s central location to explore our surrounding natural areas and have a great day out. Returning home to our cosy city apartments is the perfect end to a day of hiking. Please feel free to ask our staff for recommendations, and don’t forget to share and tag us in all your adventures!

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